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This questionnaire is for individual artists. If you are a gallery, please visit our Gallery Website Design Questionnaire.

Please answer the questions in this questionnaire as fully as possible. This will help us to understand your vision for the site and any specific requirements and to scope the level of effort required.
  • If you have already registerd a URL for your website please note it here.
  • What is the approximate maximum number of artworks you expect to show on this site?
  • Please tell us about the styles and media you work with. If each has a separate sub-portfolio section on the website, how many would be needed? If possible please provide links so we can see some of your work.
  • Please tell us your big-picture vision for this website. Don't hold back - be broad, be specific - whatever you can say!
  • Please be as specific as possible. Who are they, what do they do, male or female, age group(s), etc. Are you marketing to galleries or individuals?
  • How will your visitors find the website? examples, word of mouth, search engines, offline marketing plan.
  • Have you seen other websites similar on concept or style to what you are looking for? If so, please list them here.
  • Do you have any initial design requirements or input into the design of the site: Color schemes, layouts, etc. If so, please describe them here.
  • Please give us your thoughts on sections for the website. Think of these as menu items.
  • Are you planning to sell work directly from your website via a shop and online credit card payment system?
  • Please tell us your approximate budget. Choosing a larger budget range doesn't necessarily mean it will cost that much - but it gives us an idea of what level of design and development we can apply to achieve your vision. We can then tell you what is possible and give you options!
  • If you have other thoughts, ideas, etc this is the place to tell us!