Art Marketing – What Really Is The Secret?

Since we started Art Marketing Secrets in 2005 there has been a treasure trove of truly great advice from literally thousands of sites on how to market and sell art online and offline. Its entirely possible that the sum total of all the worlds best thinking on this topic has already been expressed and exhausted […]

Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol: 12 Interesting Facts

Andy Warhol was a 1960s pop icon famous for his extravagant persona and attention grabbing artworks such as his famous Campbell’s Soup painting. Warhol was one of the central players in a powerful wave of art and music that swept over our planet in the 1960s and 70s – looking into his life gives a fascinating snapshot of this period.


Want To Sell Your Art? Build A Community

There is enough information online today for anyone to research any art marketing question that they could possibly think of. What is typically lacking is an understanding of the overall process or a system to implement it. But there is something way more fundamental that this: To sell art you need a market to sell to. And that market is your Community. Build it!

Twitter Artist

Happy 2011! Free Bonuses Anyone?

Happy New Year from Art Marketing Secrets, Beautiful Artist Websites, and Espresso Artist Websites! We hope that 2011 is a big year for you, your loved ones, and your art career. To give you a giant boost we’re offering $287 in extras FREE when you order one of our Espresso Artist Websites.