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How to Stage a Successful Artist Open Studio

Open Studios are a popular way to show your latest work to collectors, arts professionals, and the public. They can also be a successful and consistent way to sell your work. Read on to find out how to stage one successfully. In Part 1 we’ll talk about preparing for the event. In Parts 2 and 3 we’ll go over important details for the day of the event and follow-up activities for when you have cleaned away all those empty champagne magnums!

2009 NYFA Fellowships Announced – Pop the Moet!

The New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) has just announced the recipients for its annual fellowship grants of $7,000 apiece to 134 artists recognized for excellence in their given disciplines. The grants total $917,000 and are intended for unrestricted use, meaning that they can be utilized for everything from art materials to rent – which is welcome news for recipients.

Jetlag and The Love Of Art!

I came across this old post from 2006 and inspired myself. Thought it was time to re-publish… I’m traveling in Berlin at the moment. I arrived yesterday from New York, and last night I was very tired and jetlagged and could not sleep. If you’ve never experienced it (jetlag), you are truly blessed. If you […]

How To Attract Galleries to Your Art Website (Part 5)

Technique #5 – List Your Art In Online Registries & Art Directories There are several online art registries where you can submit samples of your work including images, artist statements, bios, etc. Registries are used by museum and gallery curators when they are looking for new work. Think of them as the central libraries of […]

Art Quote of The Week – M.C. Escher

This week’s quote from M.C. Escher captures well how it feels to be in the flow of the artistic spirit! “At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important.”

Opportunity for Emerging Artist with E Y E B E A M

E Y E B E A M an atelier styled organization that explores the intersection of arts and sciences has set up a three day program to work with emerging artists, particularly artists exiting graduate programs. Read more about the selection process here. Eyebeam has developed Circuit in response to the need for emerging artists, particularly those exiting graduate-level programs (ie artists who have not shown their work in a professional setting or outside of university) to exhibit work and receive professional critique and exposure to networks within the art and technology community. This three-day intensive program offers a particular group of artists working and experimenting with new tools and practices, the opportunity to: – meet fellow artists working with similar media; – have the experience of exhibiting work at an art and technology center in New York City – receive critique from peers and professional curators, gallerists, artists, academics, writers, theorists, etc. – publicly present work during a public event at Eyebeam to gain feedback from peers, professionals and the public The program will run three times per year, with a maximum of 6 artist participants per Circuit program. Please see the information below regarding the selection process and application timeline. Selected artists will exhibit their work in Eyebeam’s exhibition space for three days, during which time they will take part in a critique organized by Eyebeam’s Education and Curatorial staff, and present and/or perform their projects during a public event at Eyebeam at the end of the three days. Artists interested in applying to take part in Circuit should view this program as a way to publicly prototype work under development (ie thesis projects that are ready for the next level of presentation), and take part in a rare structured critical discourse outside of the academic setting. Eyebeam is interested in projects ranging from moving image, sound and physical computing works, to software, websites, technical prototypes, performances, workshops and other forms of public interventions.