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Are Flash Websites Good For Artists?

flash_sampleThere is a huge proliferation of flash-based art and photography websites today and while many of them look sleek and sexy I have some doubts about their effectiveness as marketing tools. Here are my biggest concerns:

Waiting….Waiting… Waiting….. That’s the …

Understanding Art Website Options (Part 4)

david_culpPart 4 – Custom-Designed Artist Websites

They are what they say they are – fully customized websites designed around you and your art. Effectively executed, these websites should:

  • Showcase your art like an art museum or high-end commercial gallery
  • Communicate

Understanding Art Website Options (Part 3)


In yesterdays post we discussed Online Art Galleries and Slide Registries. Today we will look at Template Art Portfolios.

Part 3 – Template Art Portfolio Services

These services allow you to create an online portfolio of your work by choosing …